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The tempter and the accuser

In the Lord's prayer, Jesus taught his disciples to pray 'deliver us from evil' or in some translations 'deliver us from the evil one'. Here's a helpful article from Emma Scrivener on the subtle & malevolent work of the evil one in the life of the Christian. It's entitled 'Satan has a forked tongue' and can be found by clicking here

Encouragement for those contending with pain and trials of various kinds

For anyone contending with pain and trials of various here is encouragement as Joni Eareckson reflects on 50 years since a diving accident when she was aged 17 left her as a quadriplegic* and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. You can read the article here Reflections on 50th anniversary of my diving accident

*quadriplegic: one affected with partial or complete paralysis of both the arms and legs especially as a result of spinal cord injury or disease in the region of the neck (Merriam- Webster Online Dictionary)

What happened at Dunkirk

Many of you will know that Christopher Nolan's film 'Dunkirk' has been drawing large audiences and much praise and it is an excellent & gripping film - well worth seeing. But here is a reminder from Mark Greene of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity that it doesn't quite tell the whole story. Dunkirk and the God of history

How should Christians respond to the transgender issue

Here is a helpful article by Dr Peter Saunders on this subject which is attracting so much attention in our day. You can find the article here How should Christians respond to the transgender issue

Abortion: from controversy to civility

The subject of abortion is never easy to talk about in public but I was directed towards what is I think an excellent example of someone seeking to present a pro-life view in a manner that is engaging and sensitive and addresses the many questions - often painful and personal questions - that this whole subject evokes. Stephanie Gray is a Pro-life activist and international speaker, who for many years worked as Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-ethical reform and more recently has established her own ministry, Love unleashes life. I noticed on the home page of her own website (http://www.stephaniegray.info/) she has the words of Dr Martin Luther King 'Whom you would change, you must first love and they must know that you love them.' She was recently asked to give a talk on the subject of abortion to the staff at Google and did so under the title Abortion:from controversy to civility. You can listen to it here Stephanie Gray speaking at Google
 It's lengthy but well worth listening to.

Looking to Jesus for everything

I have been reading and  benefiting greatly from Sinclair Ferguson's book 'The Whole Christ'. Here's a wonderful quotation from John Calvin spelling out how our whole salvation is found in Jesus and our great need therefore is always and only to look to Him.
Calvin is expounding that truth in the terms of the Apostles' Creed.

When we see salvation whole - its every single part is found in Christ, we must beware lest we derive the smallest drop from somewhere else.

If we seek salvation, the very name of Jesus teaches us that he possesses it.

If other Spirit-given gifts are sought - in his anointing they are found;
strength - in his reign;
and purity - in his conception;
tenderness - expressed in his nativity,
in which he was made like us in all respects, that he might feel our pain:

Redemption when we seek it, is in his passion found;
acquittal -  in his condemnation lies;
and freedom from the curse - in his cross is known.
If satisfaction for our sins we seek - we'll find it in his sacrifice.

There's cleansing in his blood.
And if it's reconciliation that we need, for it he entered Hades;
if mortification of our flesh - then in his tomb it's laid.
And newness of our life - his resurrection brings and
immortality as well come also with that gift.

And if we long to find that heaven's kingdom's our inheritance, 
his entry there secures it now
with our protection, safety too, and blessings that abound
- all flowing from his kingly reign.

The sum of all for those who seek such treasure-trove of blessings,
these blessings of all kinds, is this:
from nowhere else than him can they be drawn;
for they are ours in Christ alone.

(John Calvin Institutes of  the Christian Religion, 2.16.19, 1959 Latin ed., translation & versification Sinclair Ferguson's as quoted in The Whole Christ published by Crossway pps 55-56)

Two wives, widowed in the bombings of Coptic Churches in Egypt on Palm Sunday, speak

Two women, Samira and Sara have spoken movingly of their husbands, who were killed in the bombings on Palm Sunday in two Coptic churches in Egypt.
Samira's husband, Naseem (54), was a guard at St Mark's Church Alexandria and Sara's husband, Michael (28) was a deacon in St George Church, Tanta.
You can find their words on the Open Doors website here: Memories of husbands

Risen - showing on Saturday evening

As you'll see from the notices we're showing the film 'Risen' this Saturday at 7.30pm - popcorn & drinks from 7pm.

Here's a trailer for the film:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNGeGS_PUA8

Here too if you want to find out a little more about the film is an interesting interview with Joseph Fiennes who plays Clavius, the lead role in the film, a Roman Tribune and non-believer , who is charged with finding the body of the crucified Jesus.
In the interview he talks about the film, the making of it and to whom it might appeal. He also talks about another film he is making about Eric Liddell which serves as a kind of follow-up to 'Chariots of Fire'. It tells the story of the remainder of his life after he had turned his back on the celebrity and success that his Olympic gold medal brought him and gone to serve as a missionary in China.
You can find the interview here Interview with Joseph Fiennes

The final days of Jesus

If you want to think about what happened on each of the days of Jesus last week here are a series of short videos which will help you in that. Beginning at Palm Sunday a number of New Testament scholars give some historical, cultural and theological background to the events of Holy Week.
Click hereThe final days of Jesus

A Two-Minute Clip on Homosexuality Every Christian Should Watch

Here is a recording of Sam Alberry speaking at the General Synod of the Church of England last week and seeking to explain how Jesus message on marriage is life-giving. I came across the clip on the Gospel Coalition website.
 It can be watched here:  Sam Alberry on Jesus teaching on marriage
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